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Raymond’s Fall 2011 Tour Journal

While I don’t get out on the road nearly as often as I’d like, it seems that for the last few years, I’ve been able to tour with some regularity… and though I normally relish these trips as an opportunity to be alone with my thoughts and tunes on the sometimes long drives between gigs, my last three outings have been cooperative tours with other musicians, which is really the more interesting way to go. This time out, I had the good fortune to spend a week with Chuck Johnson, in my opinion one of the coolest players recording today.  Chuck had secured a small arts grant and was hitting the road to promote A Struggle, Not A Thought, his debut solo LP on the Strange Attractors Audio House label.  I’ve been following Chuck’s music ever since his appearance last year on the amazing Beyond Berkeley Guitar compilation, and was really excited to spend some quality time with the man, exploring each others perspectives on our tool of choice, the steel-strung acoustic guitar.  Throw in our mutual friend Trevor Healy, not only a talented luthier but a fantastic fingerpicker in his own right, and we had ourselves a week-long guitar bro-down of epic proportions!  Having interviewed both men for the release of BBG, I knew that they would be thoughtful and intelligent travelling partners, and alas the short time we spent playing shows together passed far too quickly.

For me, this particular trip started with a whimper: having played a house party the night before and getting to bed in the 3am area, I was not able to rise in time to catch my 7am Megabus from Pittsburgh to New York City, where I was supposed to meet up with Chuck and Trevor to start my leg of the tour.  I wasn’t actually on the bill in NYC, but was planning to concentrate on getting photos and videos for this here blog, and I was looking forward to visiting the Zebulon venue for the first time.   As it was, it gave me an extra day to pack properly and to practice, which was welcome… but it also meant that I’d have to figure out how I planned to get from Pittsburgh to Cambridge the next day for our gig at Zuzu.  I decided to rent the tiniest car that Budget offered (and my budget afforded), which turned out to be a Chevy Aveo.  Tiny it was, for my dreadnought case didn’t even fit in the trunk!  It mattered little, though, since I’d be leaving the car in Boston and travelling in Chuck’s rental the rest of the trip.  I spent that grey, rainy Monday traversing Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and finally gunning it across the Mass Pike to get to the gig with a little time to spare. Continue reading

Mike Fekete Summer 2010 Tour Dates

Not my scoop in the least, this was lifted from the wonderful Delta-Slider blog. I’ve added links to the venues, or how to get there.

Updated on 7/10

7/11 – Yakima Folklife Festival – Yakima, WA
7/14 – Mercury Cafe – Denver, CO
7/15 – The Laughing Goat – Boulder, CO
7/16 – Five Leaves – Englewood, CO
7/17 – Coal Creek Coffee – Laramie, WY
7/18 – Off The Leaf – Billings, MT
7/19 – Wild Joe’s – Bozeman, MT
7/20 – The Hummingbird Cafe – Butte, MT
7/21 – One World Cafe – Moscow, ID
7/23 – Calypsos – Coeur d’Alene, ID w/ Jonathan Nicholson
7/24 – Indaba – Spokane, WA w/ Jonathan Nicholson
7/28 – The Camellia Lounge – Portland, OR w/ Aaron Sheppard
8/2 – Barking Spider Tavern – Cleveland, OH
8/12 – Rider’s Inn – Painesville, OH
8/13 – Central Vineyard – Columbus, OH w/ Brian Werstler and John Morgan
8/15 – Rider’s Inn – Painesville, OH
8/27 – Cafe Luna – Vashon Island, WA
8/28 – El Diablo – Seattle, WA

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