New videos from Ton van Bergeijk!

Fans of Kicking Mule Records and ragtime guitar will probably remember the name Ton van Bergeijk. The young Dutch picker was discovered by Stefan Grossman in the 70’s, and went on to record several awe-inspiring ragtime albums. Ton has since played in a number of Dutch big bands and hot jazz bands, including The Boulevard Of Broken Dreams, The Gangbusters and The Dutch Swing College Band.

Ton now has a video page over at Daily Motion, and has a number of fun guitar and ukelele videos on display. One of my favorites is “Ecky Thumb Drum”, linked below… check out the move at 00:09!

There are a couple of very informative posts about Ton over at the Keep Swinging blog.


3 thoughts on “New videos from Ton van Bergeijk!

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  3. Brad Roby

    thank you for the music, I’m still working through the kicking mule books. thanks to ragtimepassion for the black and white rag, I’ve been waiting 30 years for that arrangement


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