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Review : Jameson Swanagon “Desolation Happiness” CD (Self Released, 2010)

Swanagon_Cover The ants were talking to us. They had been for weeks. If only we were even moderately fluent in Ant. They knew what was coming and they weren’t mucking about. Headed for the high ground – eggs in tow. Infiltrating our every potted plant on the upstairs balcony. A constant stream into the kitchen and straight for the pantry. Not a hint of aggression, this wasn’t an invasion, it was a purposeful and orderly relocation – essential. They were shouting at us. Louder than the goldfish shouts some mornings once it’s certain that we’ve forgotten that it’s well past piscean breakfast time. Not aggressive, but somewhat desperate. The juggling eggs of the worker ants were the formicidaic semaphore flags that we just weren’t reading. Then it rained. It rained constantly. The ground reached saturation point. It kept raining and there was no place for the water to go but downhill. Then the river slowly rose and the city flooded. Bull Sharks were spotted swimming down the freeway and as inundated houses were abandoned and disappeared below the brown tide many domesticated carp were, perhaps happily but involuntarily, reintroduced to the wild. My street being on high ground was spared, thankfully, and as I watched the city drown from my front yard I listened to a collection of music entitled Desolation Happiness by Jameson Swanagon. Continue reading