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Interview : Goran Ivanovic

by David Leicht

I was fortunate to catch up recently with Goran Ivanovic, of the brilliant Andreas Kapsalis & Goran Ivanovic Guitar Duo. We touched on a number of topics, including their exciting, eponymous album, which I would strongly recommend to any fan of contemporary guitar music.

W&W: When and how did you guys meet?

It was about five or six years ago in Chicago. We both used to play at the Hothouse, which was a world music place, one of the first in the city. Their booking agent decided to do a show with both of our groups.¹ We’d sort of heard of one another, through the newspaper, but had never actually met or heard each other’s music. We met up after the show and, after that, began to hang out, spending time as buddies, playing pool and ping-pong. Eventually, we started arranging and composing music together, then playing shows, and booked our first tour in Colorado and Arizona. The response was fantastic. We recorded our debut CD and the response was overwhelming. We decided to take it on the road full-time, give our bands a little break. I think we’ve been on the road now for three or four months straight.

W&W: Given the way your collaboration evolved, was it natural to present the new work as guitar duets, rather than forming a group?

Yes, absolutely. Sometimes people ask “why not add a bass player or drummer?” We have those groups already, what would be the point? I think Chopin once said, “the only thing that’s more beautiful than solo guitar is two guitars.” (laughter) We like playing around with the limitations of the instrument. Continue reading

Andreas Kapsalis & Goran Ivanovic Guitar Duo, Live In Pittsburgh

Last night, I had the pleasure of seeing an amazing guitar duo for the first time…  Andreas Kapsalis and Goran Ivanovic hail from Chicago, and they describe themselves thusly :

“A guitar duo that not only celebrate the tradition of guitar performance of the old and the current rapport, but also as composers they are a part of a movement in the states whose aim is to build the new repertoire for the next generation of guitar players.”

The only thing that I knew about the duo going into the show was that Ivanovic leads the Balkan jazz-fusion group Eastern Blok, and that I could expect “Lotsa notes”.  No doubt, there were many, many notes! Continue reading