Video Premiere : David Leicht & Raymond Morin “Capitano”

David Leicht and Raymond Morin, both contributors to Work & Worry, have created a new video for the song “Capitano”, from their 2010 CD/Tab book release Petrifidelity. The clips were filmed at Morin’s home and at the world-famous Sharp Edge beer dispensary. Check it out below!

There are still a small handful of Petrifidelity books available. Visit here for more info!


1 thought on “Video Premiere : David Leicht & Raymond Morin “Capitano”

  1. Elizabeth

    I became aware of your website through the AGF; consequently, I discovered your myspace page and music. I’m most entranced by your playing and compositions, both of which show real originality, which I consider essential to greatness, tantamount to technical facility. Perhaps the comparison seems a bit obvious but, hearing your approach to the duo format, I’m reminded of the weavings and teamwork of Jansch and Renbourn. A very fine song and performance here.


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