Bert Jansch “Acoustic Routes” Documentary (1992)

For a long time, I’d known about “Acoustic Routes”, the legendary documentary about Bert Jansch which aired in the UK in the early 90’s… now, through the magic of YouTube (and thanks to the efforts of user mrcmxoner) this obscure little film is available for all to see! There are so many great moments… Bert and John reunited, Bert playing a blues with Brownie McGhee, one of his first heroes, and commentary from Hamish Imlach, Anne Briggs, Wizz Jones, Archie Fisher… wonderful stuff! The proceedings are affectionately hosted by Billy Connolly (click link to see his nutty Flash site), and I thought I’d embed the entire thing right here, to save everyone the trouble of skipping around on YouTube. Enjoy!


6 thoughts on “Bert Jansch “Acoustic Routes” Documentary (1992)

  1. Robert

    With each passing year, this documentary grows in its importance as an historical record of English folk music’s late twentieth century renaissance. This music with its eclectic mixture of English, Celtic, classical, jazz, and blues influences, was seminal in providing the anthems of the American civil rights and peace movements. It was music resplendent with profound and genuine feeling, uncompromising in its purity of sound and complexity of technique.
    Its then youthful interpreters, we can now look back upon and recognize for their genius and virtuousity. There is something a bit more significant and heartfelt here than mere nostalgia for our collective youth; there is manifested an undefinable spiritual presence which is simultaneously uplifting and comforting.

  2. Bob Laxton Burdon

    A Scottish folk singer called Alex Docker taught me Bert’s tchnique of fingerpicking.Works pretty much everywhere…..heed my words though! …….Learn Blackwateside in DADGAD

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